Wow…been a while, hasn’t it.

November of 2009…yup, a lot has happened since then, which is why my blogging went bye-bye. In February of 2010 we moved to a much larger, much nicer house…where I have ROOM for my quilting (a whole design wall!). I became more active in my quilt guild and started homeschooling my daughter. And instead of blogging, I’ve been working on finishing up my first book (which is now available 🙂

In the meantime, I started posting my costuming and quilting work up on deviantArt, under the name Taviannah.

Bottom line is, while I don’t have much time for blogging, I am still quilting. I’ll try to post pictures of the quilts I’ve finished so far and will put up new ones as I finish them. If you want to contact me, you may have to use the email–I had to turn off comments because I was getting wayyyy too much spam. They’re back on now, but if I must I’ll turn them off again 🙁

Dum Spiro, Suo. (While I breathe, I sew.)

Raffle Quilt

My goodness, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. One of the reasons is we decided to rip the icky, ucky Berber carpet out of our house and lay laminate flooring instead.

Here’s another project–my quilt guild’s raffle quilt for this fall. Obviously, everybody worked on it, but it is one of my original designs 🙂 I’d love to win it for myself (no dogs on the bed if that happens!!!)

2010 Hoffman FabricTanka, my first Hoffman Challenge quilt, is finally back from its cross-country travels, and I’ve started in on 2010’s Hoffman Challenge quilt. Here’s what the fabric looks like–gorgeous, isn’t it.

Also been making my swimsuit cover-ups for the kids in my daughter’s preschool class, and doing a brisk business of it, if I may say so. I think I’ve sold over 10 of them in the past month.

Finally, there’s my almost complete Christmas project, “A Cuppa Christmas Cheer” that I’m hoping to have done this week. I’ll post a pic of it when I do.

Is that busy enough to excuse not posting? Hope so 🙂

Quilt Going Walkabout!

Well, I didn’t win the Hoffman Challenge (I really didn’t expect to), but it looks like “Paisleys, Pearls, and Peach Blossoms will be traveling in Trunk Show C! Woohoo! Granted, that means I won’t get my quilt back until next October, but I’m not upset in the slightest! As soon as they post the schedule and locations, I’ll put it up here just in case any of y’all are close enough to go see it.

Now I’m waiting for the official letter (I went and looked on the Website instead) so I can have a sneak peek at next year’s fabric.

“Paisleys, Pearls, and Peach Blossoms”–Hoffman Challenge 2009

Well, I got it done. At 2 am Tuesday morning. And then nine hours later stood in a UPS store paying entirely too much to rush the quilt to Colorado before the Friday deadline.

This year’s challenge fabric was a beautiful cream, green, and brown paisley design with pearlescent highlights. I had the circle design in my head for months, but couldn’t get the original design to work out. The second tack I tried was a Tiffany brooch with pearls and green sapphires, but that one didn’t work either. Finally, about 3 weeks ago, this one fell into place.

I was going to machine quilt it, with my lovely new Fabu-Motion. However, the learning curve was a bit steeper than I expected, so I was forced to hand-quilt it as usual. I used my “whipping” stitch (from Quilt and Embellish in One Step!) on the background paisleys (I got it out of Quilting Makes the Quilt, which I picked up at a library booksale for under a dollar) and the brown vine design on the flowered border (notice the pearl accents).

The green paisley print is the challenge fabric that I hand-dyed. It’s folded in a fan design, then echo quilted at 1/2″ intervals. I’d like to add some beading to that section at some point, but I ran out of time to do it.

Now that the quilt is finished and I can focus on other things, my daughter is clamoring for my attention…like making quilts out of clay 🙂